In logistics, with increasingly large warehouses, keys, cards or PINs are often used for access. But who is the person in possession of these means of access? With Palm-ID Pro, you can ensure that only registered people are granted access. Unauthorised access becomes past tense. Whether they are (warehouse) employees or drivers, the Palm-ID Pro ensures that only authorised persons can enter.

This enhanced security is of increasing importance when it comes to drivers. “Charters” are often used in logistics: The cards are being lent out and you are no longer sure who will enter your premises, with all the consequences that entails. With the Palm-ID Pro, doubts about identity are past tense. Once someone is registered, there are no more questions. Your facilities are secure and you have full control over who gets access.

Recogtech - Solutions for the logistics sector
“In the past, we saw situations where cards of other persons were used in our sorting centre, misleading our system. Several situations were even used as an alibi for the police. With the Palm-ID Pro, this past tense. Now we have an indisputable way of knowing exactly who enters. A revolution in accurate security that restores trust and integrity.”

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With Palm-ID Pro from Recogtech, you can fully focus on your logistics operations while knowing your security is foolproof. Our advanced vein pattern recognition ensures efficient and reliable access control while preventing unauthorised access. Choose smarter and more secure access management with Palm-ID Pro for your premises, offices and warehouse.

Recogtech - Solutions for the logistics sector