Integration: Paxton.

About Paxton

Paxton is a leading access control solutions partner, providing organisations of various sizes and all kinds of sectors with innovative and reliable security solutions. They offer advanced technologies, such as biometric identification, smart cards and cloud-based security systems, designed for easy implementation and ease of use.
Integration Paxton and Recogtech -

Wide scope for access control

Vein pattern recognition in the palm of the hand, a technology known as the most secure form of biometrics, can be used on a much larger scale from today. This is the result of a collaboration between Paxton and Recogtech, which specialises in biometric security. As part of the collaboration, the Palm-ID Pro and Palm-ID card developed by Recogtech have been integrated into Net2, Paxton’s access control system.
This enables Paxton customers around the world to use these two technologies (based on vein pattern recognition in the palm of the hand) in combination with Net2. Recogtech’s technology has been intensively tested and validated by Paxton’s access control experts, resulting in this ‘integration partnership’.

Palm-ID Pro and Palm-ID Card

The Palm-ID Pro and the Palm-ID Card can both be integrated with Paxton Net2. Palm-ID is based on PalmSecure, a highly reliable security sensor developed by Fujitsu for palm vein pattern recognition.

User registration is now fully integrated within Net2. “The Palm-ID is a high-end security product”, explains Recogtech Sales Manager Peter Vos. “It works tremendously fast, has a low False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and also works well with large groups of users.” The Palm-ID Card is specifically designed to comply with GDPR guidelines and is also not hackable from the network.

“Recogtech’s technology is a great addition to our ecosystem as it allows us to offer a highly secure and scalable biometric access control capability”, said Randy van de Ven, Product Administrator & Technical Support Benelux. “Moreover, we are impressed by Recogtech’s proactive response to challenges arising from the GDPR when it comes to the deployment of biometrics with the Palm-ID card.”

Growing popularity within different sectors

Biometrics has been around for a long time but has really taken off in the last decade. Palm-ID products are widely used for access control within the justice sector, government agencies, SMEs, multinationals, banking and healthcare.

Integration with Net2 will only further increase the system’s popularity, Peter Vos expects: “With thousands of customers worldwide, Paxton has a huge market reach; mostly the same kind of organisations we also serve. With our integrated solution, we offer these customers the opportunity to increase their level of security in a simple and user-friendly way”.