About us.

“Recogtech has specialised in the fascinating world of vein pattern recognition of the hand, and we use Fujitsu’s proven PalmSecure™ technology. We are proud to say that Recogtech has built a solid reputation, both nationally and internationally, in the field of biometric access control.

At Recogtech, we are dedicated to providing innovative and reliable security solutions that meet the highest standards. Find out how we can meet your security needs and enhance your peace of mind.”

About us- Recogtech

Authority in the field of biometric security

Recogtech was the first company in the world to successfully deploy Fujitsu’s palm reader, the PalmSecureTM, for effective access control based on palm vein patterns. Recogtech develops and manufactures its products in-house in the Netherlands and has been an established authority on biometric security for many years.

Proven technology for critical users.

Whether it is access control in high-security facilities, financial institutions, government departments or healthcare facilities, we understand that mistakes are not tolerated. That is why we have focused on providing a technological solution that combines precision and safety. Our Palm-ID technology, with exceptionally low FAR (False Acceptance Rate) and FRR (False Rejection Rate), offers unparalleled reliability for critical users.
Intersec Award - Recogtech

2024 Intersec Award Winner

Recogtech’s Palm-ID Card was awarded the prize ‘Highly Commended’ at the Intersec Expo in Dubai..

Intersec Dubai is a leading international fair with more than 1,100 exhibitors from over 60 countries and attracts more than 43,000 visitors from all regions of the world. Recogtech has won this award in the category ‘Outstanding Commercial Security Solutions’.  

Winner SSA Award

In 2011, Recogtech was already awarded the prestigious SSA Award, within the ‘Solutions for Government’ category. This award was presented during the renowned SSA (Safety & Security Amsterdam) fair, the leading Dutch event for security and safety. Since its humble beginnings, Recogtech has consistently excelled as an authoritative player in the field of biometric security.

In addition, the Chamber of Commerce (CoC) named Recogtech as one of the most innovative companies in the Netherlands. This dual recognition reflects our ongoing commitment to pioneering innovation and high-performance solutions in the world of biometric technology. At Recogtech, we constantly strive to set the standard and lead the industry, building on our rich history of performance and innovation.

About Recogtech - Recogtech