Imagine a scenario where unauthorised individuals want to access highly secure government buildings or get access to sensitive information, such as at the intelligence services. Instead of traditional identification methods, such as passports or identity cards, more and more governments are implementing our vein pattern recognition.
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“Thanks to the seamless fusion of my Government-badge and the verifying match of my palm with the Palm-ID Card, two factor authentication becomes an effortless experience. And the best part? With the Palm-ID Card, you can rely on a highly secure and autonomous security system. Each Palm-ID Card compares the encrypted template of the vein pattern stored on the card with the offered hand. This eliminates the need for any network connection for identification and authentication. With this innovation, the government is taking a powerful step towards smarter, more efficient security protocols and a new standard for data security.”

The solution for the government

How does that work? A person registers at the registration desk with our Palm-ID Card registration unit and a scan of the person’s vein pattern is taken and immediately encrypted. This scan is then stored on the card itself.

With the Palm-ID Card combined with the Government badge, you can be absolutely sure that only authorised persons can access secure locations and access sensitive information. Unauthorised access is past tense, significantly enhancing overall security.

Palm ID Pro in action - Recogtech