Improve security with the Palm-ID Pro. At the defence sector, where security and accuracy are critical, the Palm-ID Pro provides an advanced solution for access and identity management, especially when combined with the defence badge.

Within the defence environment, ensuring secure access to locations such as barracks, weapons and ammunition depots is essential. Traditional methods such as badges and PINs have their limitations, but with the Palm-ID Pro, you are assured of the identity of those who have access.

“Due to a worrying event, we were forced to raise our security level to the maximum. The defence badge and Palm-ID Pro form a powerful combination that makes our security unwavering. We accurately identify who gets access, and things like weapons theft by stealing a card are now past tense.”

The solution for defence

Thanks to Palm-ID Pro, security and efficiency are seamlessly integrated into the defence sector. Our system eliminates doubt and uncertainty, providing invaluable safety in situations where every second counts. The Palm-ID Pro combined with the defence badge takes security and identity verification to a new level.

Palm ID Pro - Recogtech