Private property.

Open the door to your home with your hand instead of a key and improve security with the smart Palm-ID. Whether it is your home, access gate, valuables or special rooms, the Palm-ID offers a convenient security solution that suits you perfectly.

Your personal belongings deserve the best protection and privacy. With Palm-ID, you can count on a smart system that improves your security. By recognising your unique palm vein pattern and storing data securely, Palm-ID minimises the risk of unauthorised access and improves the protection of your valuables.

“The Palm-ID is a really interesting innovation. The idea that my palm can replace keys, passwords and access codes is pretty futuristic. I am curious how this could change the way we secure our data and access systems.”

The solution for private property

The Palm-ID is easy to use and fits perfectly into your daily life. Open the door to your rooms without the hassle of keys and experience the convenience of a technology that increases your security and peace of mind.