Protect your lab with the utmost precision and reliability of the Palm-ID Card. In laboratories, where sensitive materials, drugs and possibly even radioactive substances may be present, strict access control is crucial. The Palm-ID Card provides an advanced solution to protect your laboratory from unauthorised access and possible theft or exposure to hazardous substances.

Laboratories face various security risks, such as unauthorised access and potentially dangerous situations. Traditional access methods are not always sufficient to address these risks. With the Palm-ID Card, however, you can rely on a security system specifically designed to meet these challenges.

“Thanks to the Palm-ID Card, there is now always an accurate verification, with both the card and biometric data coming together. No more room for uncertainty. Our medicine supply is now protected by an unwavering layer of security, thanks to a clear and proper protocol for using this space.”

The solution for laboratories

Each Palm-ID Card compares the encrypted template of the vein pattern stored on the card with the offered hand. This reduces the risk of unauthorised access to your laboratory to an absolute minimum.

Protect your laboratory with the innovative and reliable Palm-ID Card. This advanced security solution not only reduces the risk of unauthorised access and theft, but also provides peace of mind for administrators and staff alike. Choose safety, accuracy and control with the Palm-ID Card in laboratories where security is paramount.