Justice and safety.

Optimise safety and security within the justice and safety domain with the advanced Palm-ID Pro, in combination with leading card solutions. In an industry where accurate identification, access control and confidentiality are crucial, the Palm-ID Pro offers an innovative biometric solution of the highest level, enhanced by the functionality of advanced card solutions.

In the demanding landscape of justice and safety, precision and reliability are of the utmost importance. With the Palm-ID Pro combined with the a modern (desfire) smartcard solution, you can count on a cutting-edge system that delivers unmatched security. With advanced palm vein pattern technology and secure data storage on the controller, the Palm-ID Pro minimises the risk of unauthorised access and strengthens the security of critical locations and sensitive information.

“Thanks to the Palm-ID Pro, combined with our current access cards, we can now more easily entrust specific files to those who are authorised. With the assurance of accurate identification with each access, our protocols are also more strictly adhered to, keeping sensitive information in safe hands.”

The solution for justice and safety

The seamless integration of the Palm-ID Pro with leading access control systems enables smooth embedding within your existing security infrastructure.