Improve the security of your financial institution with the Palm-ID Pro. In the financial sector, where sensitive data and confidential transactions are key, the Palm-ID Pro provides an advanced access control and identity verification solution.

In finance, security is paramount. Traditional access methods such as passwords and badges have their limitations, but with the Palm-ID Pro you can rely on an advanced system that offers the highest level of security. With the precision of palm vein pattern recognition and secure storage of data on the controller, the Palm-ID Pro minimises the risk of unauthorised access to critical financial systems and information.

“With our unique lock approach, where card and Palm-ID Pro work together to grant access, the lock remains closed in case of incorrect verification, upon which our security guards take over control. A comprehensive security solution for the financial world.”

The solution for finance

Moreover, the Palm-ID Pro offers seamless integration with leading access control systems such as Nedap and Genetec, for example. This allows you to benefit from an advanced security system fully tailored to the needs of the financial sector.